Why Localizing a Press Release to a ZIP Code and City Matters

by Mario Lozano on Dec 7

in Press Release Optimization

Summary: Localizing a press release to a ZIP code and city will make it easer to get coverage from newspapers as they shift their newsrooms into 24/7 information centers.

The Gannett Company announced that it is reorganizing all of its 89 newsrooms into “information centers,” so they can become 24/7 operations.

To do this, Gannett has emphasized four goals:

  • Prioritize local news over national news
  • Publish more user-generated content
  • Use websites to make the news operation a wire service 24/7 operation
  • Use crowdsourcing methods to get readers to participate as watchdogs, whistle-blowers and researchers in large, investigative features

Why does it matter?

Newspapers turning to the public to get local news, videos and research will lead to more people being in the content business. This will make it easier to get coverage for your business, product or service, as more people will be available to cover a newsworthy story.

Newspapers going local means you need to go local. Localize a press release to its true locality to make it finable for search engines, bloggers, journalists and local news search engines like topix.net.

In November, we updated our platform and website to help you localize a press release to a Zip Code, city and state – making it far more accurate than the top 3 wires that can only localize to an MSA.

The PR Leap Local News service allows visitors (consumers, journalists, and knowledge workers) to find local news on prleap.com for every ZIP code in the country by just entering it into the URL on a browser. For example www.prleap.com/92101 displays news from San Diego, CA.

RSS feeds for each of the 32,000 US cities and towns are available.

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