What happens after I add tags to my press release?

by Mario Lozano on Mar 27

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Tuesday, we announced that you can add tags to a press release when you purchase a social media plan. Yesterday, we transmitted the first press release with the new tag feature on PR Leap, AMPM Medical Billing and Practice Management Announces Sponsorship of Hospital Medicine 2008.

To help illustrate what happens when you assign tags to a press release, we will use the AMPM Medical Billing and Practice Management release.

First, the press release is posted to del.icio.us under each of the tags you assign to the press release on PR Leap.

PR Leap Posts Press Releases to del.icio.us with Tags
Result: Your announcement is visible when searching del.icio.us for your tags, and it is included within the del.icio.us RSS feed for your tags.

Second, we place the tags you added to your press release in the keywords meta tag on the live press release.

PR Leap utilizes tags on press release
Result: Your news receives a relevance boost on search engines that utilize the keywords meta tag.

Also, Yahoo has been testing integration of data from delicious on search result pages.

Yahoo tests integrating del.icio.us tag information on search result pages

If Yahoo rolls out this change, your press release is already set to benefit from it.

Tags are the first of many new features we will add to PR Leap’s social media plans. Tag away!

P.S. You can add tags to old releases as well, as long as you purchased one of our social media plans: Premium or Plus.

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