Tips for Google News Inclusion

by Mario Lozano on Jul 20

in Press Release Optimization

Updated: April 6, 2008

To improve the likelihood of Google News picking up your press release, PR Leap recommends following these five tips:

  1. Headline. If the headline of your press release looks and sounds like ad copy, then it will stop it from getting included in Google News. Help is at hand, Press Release Optimization: How to write an effective headline
  2. Release Date. Press releases that include a date in the lead paragraph (first paragraph) earlier than the actual release date, typically do not get included into Google News. The PR Leap system automatically stamps the release date for you, so it is not necessary to include it again. But if you prefer to include a date, make sure that it syncs with the actual release date.
  3. Length Matters. If your press release is too short (less than 150 words or so), or too long (more than two pages or 500 words) it will be less likely to get included into Google News. News releases that are too short tend to read like an advertisement and are not considered newsworthy.
  4. Links. Too many links in the body of your news release is bad. They could potentially be considered spam and make it difficult to read. Good rule of thumb: one link for every one hundred words.
  5. Duplicate. Duplicates are not accepted. If a press release has been previously released on Business Wire, PR Newswire, or PR Web, and was already included into Google News, then it is most likely not going to be included again.

NOTE: We will place your news in our Google News feed, however we do not guarantee inclusion into Google News. These tips are based on our observations of press releases that did not get included into Google News.

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