Pubcon 2006 Recap

by Merrick Lozano on Nov 23

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First Conference as PR Leap

Mario and I attended our first conference with PR Leap last week, PubCon 2006. lined up a great list of keynote speakers including Danny Sullivan, Guy Kawasaki, and John Battelle.

We met lots of people at this conference, but the best surprise was when we met people who already knew about PR Leap and said they wanted to meet us at this conference.

Blogs, Feeds, and Social Search

The first session we attended Tuesday morning was Blogs, Feeds, and Social Search. After the session ended we introduced ourselves to speakers Rick Klau of Feedburner, and Chris Tolles of We missed the opportunity to meet Owen Byrne, Co-Founder of Digg, that day but had lunch with him the next day.

Michael Gray’s (AKA Graywolf) coverage of Blogs, Feeds, and Social Search session is here.

Local and Mobile Local Search

Just about every business can benefit from having a greater local presence on the search engines. says 60% of their news traffic is local traffic. We are big fans of and know the importance of local news. Last week we were the first newswire to fully implement local news. Here is the San Diego, California news page on

Graywolf’s coverage Local and Mobile Local Search here.

Search Engine Roundtable’s coverage Local and Mobile Local Search here.

Duplicate Content Issues (Yahoo & Google)

I overheard lots of people in the halls and other sessions talking about duplicate content woes.

Search Engine Roundtable covered Duplicate Content Issues (Yahoo & Google) here.

Press and Public Relations Campaigns Session

David McInnis of PRWeb, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, Lee Odden of TopRank Online, and Robin Liss of gave good presentations, I covered the Press and Public Relations Campaigns Session here.

Mario Lozano, Greg Jarboe, Merrick Lozano

(Mario Lozano, Greg Jarboe, Merrick Lozano)

Spider and DOS Defense – Rebels, Renegades, and Rogues

William Atchison of gave one of the best presentations all week. William had a problem with malicious robots bringing down his site. He developed tools to help him keep the bad ones out. A 90% reduction in bot activity saved him almost 5 terabytes in bandwidth, and gave him a 50% reduction page load time.

Search Engine Rountable covered the Spider and DOS Defense – Rebels, Renegades, and Rogues here.

The Party Scene is Where the Networking Happens

Ask Cocktail Receptions and Free Wifi

Ask provided cocktail receptions two nights at the conference hall and hooked up conference attendees with free wifi access. Just about everyone attended the first night’s reception making it really easy to meet/network with just about anyone you needed/wanted to. We met Monte of that night.

Yahoo’s Invite Only Party at The Palms Hugh Hefner Suite

Yahoo! threw an invite only party at The Palms Hugh Hefner Suite, but we couldn’t talk our way into this party despite our best efforts. Take a look at the pictures, the suite looks awesome. We spoke to someone who bought a Yahoo Publisher Network member a drink that night, the guy makes 100k a month on YPN and was not invited – ouch!

Hugh Hefner Suite at The Palms Las Vegas

(Hugh Hefner Suite at The Palms Las Vegas)

Since we could not get into the Yahoo! party we had drinks at The Palms lobby bar and met Graywolf, and Travis Finseth of After talking shop for an hour we went up to The Palm’s Ghost Bar and met Chris and Victor, of Moniker, who were easy to spot in their Tommy Bahama’s Moniker shirts. They took the time to get to know our business and offered to help us switch registrars.

Mario Lozano, Michael Gray (Graywolf), Merrick Lozano

(Mario Lozano, Michael Gray (Graywolf), Merrick Lozano)

Microsoft’s Party at The Palms Kingpin Suite

We managed to get into the Microsoft invite only party at The Palms Kingpin Suite. The suite has a bar, two bowling lanes, a video wall, a room and a great view. Thank you to the Microsoft person who let us in!

Kingpin Suite at The Palms

(The Kingpin Suite at The Palms)

Google’s Cocktail Reception

The fine folks at Google kept the drinks flowing for a packed house. We chatted with a few Google Engineers and caught up with Owen Byrne of Digg. Vanessa Fox provided some advice on duplicate content. Later I spotted Shawn Hogan of Digital Point and chatted a bit about his lawsuit with the MPAA.

We Met Marco Antonio Barrera at the Wynn

While we are normally not big on buffet style restaurants, the Wynn’s buffet came highly recommended. We went Friday before the PubCon bar event. It is the most elaborate, high class buffet we have ever been to. With over 20 stations of main courses and a dessert selection that rivals some fine pastry shops it exceeded our expectations.

While at the Wynn we spotted Marco Antonio Barrera, the Super Featherweight Champion, which also happens to be a friend of a friend. We introduced ourselves, chatted briefly about our common friend, and then took a picture. It was the day before Eric Morales lost in his third boute with Manny Pacquiao. Morales also lost to Barrera two out of three times.

Mario Lozano, Marco Antonio Barrera, Merrick Lozano

(Mario Lozano, Marco Antonio Barrera, Merrick Lozano)

Brett Tabke and WebmasterWorld organized a great conference, we will definitely be in Vegas next year for Pubcon.

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