New PR Leap Feature: Social Media Tags

by Mario Lozano on Mar 25

in New Features, Updates & Fixes

Enter Tags
Last night we launched a new feature that makes it possible to post your press release to, which has over one million visitors per month, using the tags you assign it. Those same tags are also used as keyword meta tags on your press release to help those search engines that still use them.

Tags are bundled with our social media plans: Premium and Plus. You can assign up to 10 tags with your purchase of our Premium Plan; and up to 5 tags with the purchase of a Plus plan.

To add tags to a press release:

1. Submit press release;
2. Purchase Premium or Plus plan;
3. Click “Add Tags” on right menu;
4. Enter comma, separated, tags;
5. Click Submit.

Note: You may change them or delete them at any time.

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