Graywolf’s SEO Blog’s Interview with Merrick

by Mario Lozano on Nov 16

in Buzz / Press

Merrick talks about the Social Media Release and gives tips for optimizing your press release.

Some of the questions asked:

  • What’s new in the area of press releases that people should know about?
  • Probably the first important step in a successful press release is getting picked up and included in Google News. What are some tips you have for people to increase the likelihood of that happening?
  • Once you’re in Google news, the next big thing most people want to happen is for blogs, magazines, newspapers, or any other media to notice and cover the story. What are some tips you might have that can help people reach that goal?
  • I noticed you have the ability to include pictures and videos with press releases that are distributed through your service. Is this worth the effort, is one more effective than the other, and how can I best use this my advantage?

Read the full interview on Graywolf’s SEO blog.

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