Coming soon to PRLEAP: Press Releases with Video, News Photo, Audio, Documents, etc.

by Mario Lozano on Nov 14

in New Features, Updates & Fixes

Soon you will be able to send out a press release with video, news photos, mp3s, documents, etc. via PRLEAP. This new feature is part of a major update to, which will be rolled out soon. As part of the update, the PRLEAP user interface has been revamped, making it easier to submit a news release, upload media and checkout.


Below are two screen captures of the new PRLEAP. As you can tell, our new user interface was inspired by two services we really like: Apple’s .Mac and 37 Signals’ Basecamp.

Screenshot of user interface:

Screenshot of New PRLEAP member's dashboard

Screenshot of a press release with media on, which includes a photo of the San Diego cityscape:

Screenshot of a press release with news photo

On Friday, we will unveil the new upgrade packages and pricing.

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