All-New PRLeap Analytics Report

by Mario Lozano on Jun 16

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By Popular Demand
Today, we’re introducing the new PRLeap Analytics Report. All the metrics you need to measure the success of your Social Media Release – in an attractive and useful way. You can even email a report to a client right from your PRLeap account. The Report is free with purchase of a PRLeap Social Media Release.

PRLeap Analytics Report

PRLeap Analytics Report

The metrics for success

  • PRLeap Pageviews
  • Embed Widget views
  • Number of Facebook Likes
  • Number of Tweets
  • Search Engine Visits
  • Syndication Clipping Report
  • List of Sites where Widget is Embedded

Since the launch of the new PRLeap the top requested feature has been the ability to email a report. We listened and went to work. Not only did we make the new Analytics Report easy to share, but we expanded on the metrics it provides you.

Want to see your reports?
Login to your account. Click the headline of the Social Media Release you want to generate a report for, then Analytics Report button on the right menu.

PRLeap Unveils All-New Analytics Report That’s Easy to Share

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