ALERT: PR Leap Will Be Offline on Sunday, March 25, 2007 for System Maintenance

by Mario Lozano on Mar 21

in New Features, Updates & Fixes

UPDATED 2:54P.M. PST – PR Leap will be offline on Sunday 25, 2007 for system upgrades. We purchased new hardware in December and we are finally migrating to it. We expect to be up and running by Monday, March 26, 2007.

IMPORTANT: Please do not submit news for Sunday. Next best available release date is Tuesday, March 27th.


1. Will my news release(s) be offline? Yes.
2. Does that mean visitors will not see anything? Yes and no. Depending at what time a visitor comes to PR Leap, will depend what they see if anything.

Three Different States of PR Leap During Migration:

1. Completely offline. Visitors will not see anything. Nada.
2. Systems are up, but site is not visible. Visitors will see the following: “PR Leap has moved servers and is up. You will see the site once your DNS records update, shortly.”
3. PR Leap is up and running on our shiny new servers.

NOTE: PR Leap Blog will be online. You can check here for updates.

Once the new systems are in place, we will be releasing our new upgrade package that includes the ability to include images with a news release.

Thank you for your patience.

PR Leap Team

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