7 Search Industry Blunders of 2006

by Merrick Lozano on Dec 22

in Industry News

2006 was a great year to be in the search industry but there are always a few speed bumps. Below are our nominations for the top search industry blunders this year.

Now it is your turn to vote on the top 7 and add your own. We added the list to Squidoo with the new Plexo feature that allows you to vote for your favorites like on digg, only it is on a Squidoo Lens.

More about Plexo in Squidoo’s announcement here: Squidoo Goes 2.0 and here.

Of course every industry has its share of blunders, below are more lists for your consumption.

PR Blunders of 2006

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Business Blunders of 2006

Consumerist.com – Top 10 Biggest Business Debacles 2006.

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