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Today, we’re introducing the new PRLeap Analytics Report. All the metrics you need to measure the success of your Social Media Release – in an attractive and useful way. You can even email a report to a client right from your PRLeap account. The Report is free with purchase of a PRLeap Social Media Release.

PRLeap Analytics Report

PRLeap Analytics Report

The metrics for success

  • PRLeap Pageviews
  • Embed Widget views
  • Number of Facebook Likes
  • Number of Tweets
  • Search Engine Visits
  • Syndication Clipping Report
  • List of Sites where Widget is Embedded

Since the launch of the new PRLeap the top requested feature has been the ability to email a report. We listened and went to work. Not only did we make the new Analytics Report easy to share, but we expanded on the metrics it provides you.

Want to see your reports?
Login to your account. Click the headline of the Social Media Release you want to generate a report for, then Analytics Report button on the right menu.

PRLeap Unveils All-New Analytics Report That’s Easy to Share

Meet the New PRLeap

by Mario Lozano on Jun 13

in New Features, Updates & Fixes

In April, we finally unveiled the all-new PRLeap. Below you can read the actual press release, which was embedded using the PRLeap embed widget.

Introducing the New PRLeap

Merrick talks about the Social Media Release and gives tips for optimizing your press release.

Some of the questions asked:

  • What’s new in the area of press releases that people should know about?
  • Probably the first important step in a successful press release is getting picked up and included in Google News. What are some tips you have for people to increase the likelihood of that happening?
  • Once you’re in Google news, the next big thing most people want to happen is for blogs, magazines, newspapers, or any other media to notice and cover the story. What are some tips you might have that can help people reach that goal?
  • I noticed you have the ability to include pictures and videos with press releases that are distributed through your service. Is this worth the effort, is one more effective than the other, and how can I best use this my advantage?

Read the full interview on Graywolf’s SEO blog.’s latest blog post BuddyTV Launches Fantasy League Reality TV is a great example of how bloggers can add more context to a conversation that was sparked by a press release – embed the press release within the post using PRTube.

I am big Top Chef fan so I can’t wait for next season to start using BuddyTV’s Reality TV. You can read more about BuddyTV’s Fantasy TV in the PRTube below and see it in action at

Press play to watch how easy it is to share your press release using our PRTube embeddable press release viewer. The PRTube embed code is available on every press release on and also through the share button on the PRTube viewer. You can paste that code onto your company site, blog or social media profile and get the conversation started.

Want to share your press release with the world? Starting today, you can upload a press release to and share it on any blog or website with PRTube, the embeddable press release viewer. Built with Adobe Flash, PRTube allows you to embed your press release on any blog or website that accepts embed codes.

PRTube features real-time monitoring and tracking, allowing one to see where the press release has been embedded and how many times it has been viewed. This is an addition to real-time web analytics on

PRTube press release viewer is exclusive to customers. Over 80,000 press releases are now PRTube ready.

Today we’re excited to tell you about our new easier and secure checkout process on PR Leap. Wednesday, we implemented Braintree Payment Solutions on, which streamlines the checkout process to just 3 easy steps:

1) Submit a press release;
2) Choose a Distribution Package;
3) Checkout on

It’s that easy.

The next time you send out a press release, you can checkout using the credit card on file. Enter the information once, use it again and again. No more having to track down your manager for the company card. It’s on file.

We chose Braintree Payment Solutions because of their great reputation, and because they made the investment to get through the compliance process. This allows us to store your credit card information in their vault and when you checkout the second time you are actually making a request to process a transaction from their vault.

We still accept PayPal. We understand some of you are more comfortable using PayPal. We will continue to offer both solutions for a period of time.

In July we were mentioned on in an article titled: Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization.

PRLeap. This newest and least expensive outlet also has the fewest press releases being submitted on a daily basis, and is great for smaller businesses. My company has successfully distributed press releases through this channel into Google’s universal results.” By Mark Jackson, Search Engine Watch, Jul 29, 2008

We’d like to add to the article that our service is actually great for any business (small to big) that wants to send out a social media press release and save over $200 in the process as compared to the other 3. For more details, visit our pricing page at:

Tuesday, we announced that you can add tags to a press release when you purchase a social media plan. Yesterday, we transmitted the first press release with the new tag feature on PR Leap, AMPM Medical Billing and Practice Management Announces Sponsorship of Hospital Medicine 2008.

To help illustrate what happens when you assign tags to a press release, we will use the AMPM Medical Billing and Practice Management release.

First, the press release is posted to under each of the tags you assign to the press release on PR Leap.

PR Leap Posts Press Releases to with Tags
Result: Your announcement is visible when searching for your tags, and it is included within the RSS feed for your tags.

Second, we place the tags you added to your press release in the keywords meta tag on the live press release.

PR Leap utilizes tags on press release
Result: Your news receives a relevance boost on search engines that utilize the keywords meta tag.

Also, Yahoo has been testing integration of data from delicious on search result pages.

Yahoo tests integrating tag information on search result pages

If Yahoo rolls out this change, your press release is already set to benefit from it.

Tags are the first of many new features we will add to PR Leap’s social media plans. Tag away!

P.S. You can add tags to old releases as well, as long as you purchased one of our social media plans: Premium or Plus.

Enter Tags
Last night we launched a new feature that makes it possible to post your press release to, which has over one million visitors per month, using the tags you assign it. Those same tags are also used as keyword meta tags on your press release to help those search engines that still use them.

Tags are bundled with our social media plans: Premium and Plus. You can assign up to 10 tags with your purchase of our Premium Plan; and up to 5 tags with the purchase of a Plus plan.

To add tags to a press release:

1. Submit press release;
2. Purchase Premium or Plus plan;
3. Click “Add Tags” on right menu;
4. Enter comma, separated, tags;
5. Click Submit.

Note: You may change them or delete them at any time.